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Bird, Don't Fall!

Your pet bird has gone crazy. Help your bird by not letting it fall! · By Cpt. Backpack


Recent updates

Bird, Don't Fall! version 0.4.3-proto
What's new? (v 0.4.3-proto) Added a gameover screen with final score calculator. Because it's a bigger number than the score, and big numbers are cool. Fixed a...
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Bird, Don't Fall! version 0.3.3-proto
What's new? (v 0.3.3-proto) Added a menu. Now you can decide when you want to start the game. Tweaked the jumping speed. Because we are never satisfied with i...
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Bird, Don't Fall! version 0.2.3-proto
What's new? (v 0.2.3-proto) Added a combo system. In case you wondering how many times you grabbed the bird. .. and a HP counter! You have 3 attempts. And ev...
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Bird, Don't Fall! version 0.1.3-proto
What's new? (v 0.1.3-proto) Game's speed increases harder. Now we can get to more points before the bird goes frenzy. Added a hand sprite. No more falling o...
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Bird, Don't Fall! version 0.1.1-proto
What's new? First jumps are fixed. Doesn't instantly succumb to Newton's gravity law and fall. A better model sprite. Last time we checked parrots had more t...
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Bird, Don't Fall! Prototype
Bird, Don't Fall!'s prototype is available to try out right now. The game is still under development. The assets used are the ones distributed with the Phaser...
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